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The Dorion-Gray Difference

  1. Family Meetings Facilitated

    Every family must face the inevitable passing of wealth. Though difficult, it is important for your family wealth plan and for your family’s wellbeing.

    Dorion-Gray Retirement Planning will facilitate periodic family meetings to make the transition smoother for your beneficiaries and loved ones.

    Take the pressure off yourself to communicate your goals and aspirations for your family’s financial future. Rely on our trained professionals to guide the conversation and keep the information from becoming personal. (read more)
  1. The Income for Life Model™

    With longevity increasing and interest rates low, creating durable streams of retirement income can be challenging. Income for Life is an investment strategy designed to provide inflation-adjusted income for life. Unlike the past, today’s retirees will be forced to rely more upon their own savings to produce retirement income. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are unprepared for the challenge. (read more)
  1. Complimentary Planning Session

    You can meet with a qualified Dorion-Gray Advisor for one hour at no expense to you. Begin a discussion about your present thoughts, future plans on retirement as well as your goals and aspirations. This initial, complimentary planning session is completely risk free and carries no obligation to use our services. All information will be kept confidential. The meeting will be scheduled for approximately one hour of time. (read more).
  1. Paperless Lockbox

    Your records and information are vital to protecting and preserving your wealth and wellbeing. Dorion-Gray Retirement Planning provides a Paperless Lockbox to contain all your confidential and personal files. Similar to your bank lock box, yet maintained in a digital vault, everything you place in the Paperless Lock Box is available online to you whenever you need to access it. (read more)