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Strategic Asset Allocation Models

How The Strategic Models Work

Dorion-Gray Strategic Models offer compelling opportunities for diversification, professional asset allocation and active management.*  Dorion-Gray relies on our Investment Committee's experience and detailed research when constructing our Strategic Models. On a monthly basis, Dorion-Gray will adjust Strategic Model positions to reflect important trends and market fundamentals. All adjustments are made within the defined asset allocation model for each Portfolio.

Managing investment data and making good decisions has always required a deep understanding of risk management, market exposure and the dynamics of portfolio construction. As market conditions change, our capital management team makes suitable adjustments in allocation weightings, while maintaining the original investment model. This allows us to take advantage of market opportunities without substantially changing the risk/return profile.

* The allocation models in our Strategic Models are not intended to represent investment advice that is appropriate for all investors. Each investor’s portfolio must be constructed based on the individual’s financial resources, investment goals, risk tolerance, investing time horizon, tax situation and other relevant factors. Please discuss with your financial advisor before implementing an investment plan. Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protection from losses in a declining market.

Free Portfolio Stress Test Offer

Do you know where you stand with your current portfolio? Strategically, are you satisfied that you’re properly invested and rebalanced? Tactically, are you prepared for dramatic short term changes based on potential market events? The stress test is a complimentary assessment (with no obligation) based on a comprehensive modeling of potential events and how they might affect your current assets.

Plan to meet with a qualified Dorion-Gray Advisor for approximately one hour. Please respond using the contact form or call us at 815-459-6800.

Thank you for considering Dorion-Gray Retirement Planning.