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Our Investment Strategy

Our Investment Strategy

Active Portfolio Management Starts With Informed Decisions

Our key managers look at your individual portfolio and goals when we make our decisions. Of each manager we ask: What opportunities do we see upcoming? What concerns us the most? We then debate the merits of each recommendation before reaching a consensus. We challenge every point of view until we're satisfied our Market Outlook is clearly established:

  • Are we defensive, aggressive, or neutral on the overall direction of the economy?
  • Where are the markets going? For which sectors?
  • What are the most important trends?
  • Where are the best opportunities? And, how can we profit from them?
  • What could disrupt our expectations?
  • Where do we hedge our positions?

Continuous Monitoring and Risk Management

Once our Market Outlook is established our work has just begun. We look at current fluctuations before making any move, especially on aggressive positions. We aim to harvest gains and limit losses through continuous monitoring and risk management. We continuously seek out any investments that  might be on sale. We're always engaged in the management of your capital through:

  • Sell disciplines to limit risk & lock-in profits
  • Establishing individual portfolio guidelines and limits
  • Maintaining long-term growth positions 


Essentially it comes down to this: in today's markets our primary goal is to minimize risk. We want to participate when appropriate, protect when necessary, and grow client assets over time.

It takes more work to pro-actively manage your portfolio. Yet, we've found the rewards are significantly better. Simply put, your long-term success is the lifeblood of our business!

Take Advantage of Our Complimentary Planning Session

We'd like to open a dialog with you concerning your present thoughts and future plans on retirement and meet with you in person. This initial, complimentary planning session is completely risk free and carries no obligation to use our services. 

Plan to meet with a qualified Dorion-Gray Advisor for approximately one hour. Please respond using the contact form or call us at 815-459-6800.

Thank you for considering Dorion-Gray Retirement Planning.