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ETF Momentum Allocation Models

The ETF Momentum Allocation Models provide a quantitative method which aims to improve risk-adjusted returns across various asset classes utilizing exchange-traded funds. These Models strive to:

  • Provide a simple trading model that works in the vast majority of markets.
  • Utilize a market timing solution that signals when to exit a risky asset class in favor of cash.
  • Lower volatility by avoiding lengthy and protracted bear markets.
  • Advance the portfolio by entering into long positions in favorable environments.
  • Protects investors from innate behavioral biases.

Protect Your Money. Avoid Costly Mistakes.

Equity markets have become increasingly volatile. Today, when you make money in good markets, and give it all back during corrections, you're losing precious ground. It's much better to be doing well on both offense and defense when it comes to investing. Unfortunately, many investment firms play a solid game on offense, yet can't perform defensively. But when it's your money, you've got to play both ends of the field; you need both approaches for today's markets.

Free Portfolio Stress Test Offer

Do you know where you stand with your current portfolio? Strategically, are you satisfied that you’re properly invested and rebalanced? Tactically, are you prepared for dramatic short term changes based on potential market events? The stress test is a complimentary assessment (with no obligation) based on a comprehensive modeling of potential events and how they might affect your current assets.

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