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7 Red Flags to Look for When Meeting a Potential Financial Advisor

| July 09, 2015
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Many people come in to meet advisors and have doubts. In my opinion, if the hair on the back of your neck is not lying down and feeling really fuzzy, you may want to go somewhere else. 

Remember, it's not about the rate of return but about finding someone who is going to communicate with you in the good times and bad.

Too many advisors talk only about money, but it's about more than that. There are a lot of emotional issues going on when you approach retirement. You need someone who is not preying on the fact that you are emotionally tense and vulnerable but who is instead trying to help you feel at ease.

7 Red Flags That You are the Wrong Financial Advisor's Office:

1.  He or she is immediately trying to sell you something.

2. He or she does not ask you for a full and detailed background.

3. He or she talks in generalities about what "all my clients are buying".

4. He or she is making you feel intimidated or is talking down to you.

5. He or she has another job and is doing this as a sideline.

6. He or she isn't willing to educate you or answer your questions but prefers to utter the phrases "Don't worry; I'll handle it" or "Trust me".

7. Your gut feeling says "Run!"

If any of these are the case, leave and don't look back. This is your retirement, so you need someone who can explain the best options for your personal situation.

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