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6 Questions your Financial Advisor Should Ask

| July 06, 2015
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In looking for a financial advisor, you want a real person ready to work with you. Additionally, you don't want boilerplate service. This is certainly not an industry where one size fits all, so if the advisor tells you that all his or her clients are doing such and such, then he or she is not taking individuality into account. A good advisor wants to hear what you have to say so he or she can tailor a plan to suit your specific needs. He or she should ask about your needs and should take good notes. 

He or she should find out from you these 6 things:

1. What might happen (positively/negative) that could affect your net worth?

2. What dangers do you see potentially down the road?

3. Do you have parents who you may have to support or children who still need your financial help?

4. How much longer do you see yourself (or yourselves) working?

5. What do you see yourself doing after you retire?

6. What is your biggest fear?

If these questions are not being asked, chances are you're in the wrong place. 

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